Environmentally Friendly Excavation Services

Construction and environmental tasks often times co-exist as one on a project site, whether it be removal of an underground petroleum storage tank on a construction site or excavation of contaminated soil simultaneously while excavating for a building foundation.  Many companies within these industries specialize in one or the other. Brandy Brook Environmental and Construction, Inc. (BBEC) has brought these worlds together to ensure quality excavation services for both the environmental and the construction industry. We are a client oriented business, providing practical, common sense solutions to our customers.  BBEC has a long list of excavation equipment to meet the needs of our clients and to ensure all of our projects have the right equipment for the job.  Our equipment includes various size excavators as well as bulldozers, loaders, and skid steers.  Our equipment are all equipped with various attachments for all types of projects.   

Brandy Brook provides excavation and demolition services to residential, commercial and industrial clients.  Recent projects include large demolition projects for the federal government, utility installation for schools and municipalities, dredging for private dam owners, and full site work projects for state entities.  The owners have very diverse backgrounds, creating a wide range of experience within both the construction and environmental industries. The company has office locations in the New York State's Capital Region and the St. Lawrence River Valley.  Our clients include government agencies, engineering and environmental firms, property development firms, and public/private industries.

          Brandy Brook Environmental and Construction, Inc.